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Lamerol A. Gatewood is a part of the recent group exhibition at the St. Louis Art Museum, recent acquisitions and gifts titled: New to the Museum: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.
The exhibition opens April 14-July 9, 2023, Reception April 14, 2023, Time: 5-7pm, Location; Gallery 234 and 235.

One of three of my paintings-collages from The Energy Series will be on view.
Thank you to my New Jersey based collector for making this happen.

1. Untitled No. 2012-010, Date: 12.6.2012, Size: 34.5” X 54”, Medium: Charcoal-Acrylic-Oil- Sticks on Paper

2. Untitled No. 2012-012, Date: 12.10.2012, Size: 37” X 49.5”, Medium: Charcoal-Acrylic on Paper

3. Untitled No. 2014-008, Date: 4.8.2014, Size: 50” X 45”, Medium: Chalk-Pastel-Acrylic-Glitter on Paper