Untitled No. 2019-006 | Date: March 20, 2019, Size: 41”X 54” | Medium: Charcoal-Chalk Pastels-Acrylic-Glitter-Interference Colors on Paper

My current drawings-paintings and collages are called The Abstract Energy of Sound Series. These works are an accumulation of ideas that evolved from my previous body of work–The Energy Series– that I produced over ten years from 2008 through 2018.

The creation of art is a very metaphysical and spiritual process. My current art practice includes a disciplined approach to studying and listening closely to diverse genres of music. I am fascinated by the abstract sounds musicians make in order to create music.  

For the past eight months I have been experimenting with a multiplicity of mediums and ideas so that I can transform my physical-spiritual self through the cosmos in searching for a new visual language and color palette. I find that this approach through music has allowed me to explore my emotions and feelings in ways that help to manifest new visions of abstract visual expressions. The solar system speaks directly to me and through the planetary, astrological and radiant energy. The projection of color, light and soundscape is my current artistic palette.

Lamerol A. Gatewood

July, 2019